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Hi guys, I’m coming back with a post about overwatch, I’ve been telling you guys that I bought this game on a black friday back in 2017, I’ve been playing it for a while now and I just wanted to say that I love it it’s the perfect shooter game this and Destiny 2, it is really true that blizzard and activision really make the best games on the market this is personally my opinion on it.

And about Overwatch what do I have to say really is that I’ve been playing some dps heroes like Reaper and Genji and Hanzo and Tracer.

Reaper and Tracer are my favorite heroes in Overwatch to play till now, I haven’t played one tank or healer so I’m not a real overwatch player, what can I say but I enjoy watching the Overwatch league streams when I’m bored.

My personal opinion of the game is that it’s really about reflexes so far, you have to move fast in order to shoot your opponent down before he does, just like counter strike 1.6 if you ask me.

Instead this game has really cool abilities like invisibility and teleport and ultimates, all characters in the game have a specific ultimate made just for the certain hero and casted in difficult situations can make the balance of the game in your favor just as in Heroes of the Storm kind of.

Instead the ultimate has a high rechard time so it’s very important when you’re using it is your placement on the map and your timing, these two factors can make the game change in your favor.

Of course there are far better heroes on the game than Tracer and Reaper but these two are my favorite ones, I play only quick match in Overwatch so I think the skirmish thing is quite satisfying because it makes me do something instead of just waiting for the game to begin.

Your team tactics should be like this 2 tanks 1 healer and 3 dps this is how I personally would play it and make the teams because having one tank might not be enough but having two can make it easier for sustained damage income, those 3 dps should do they’re job and the healer being the only one should focus on surviving and healing

This is how I would personally arrange the teams but it’s up to you to choose how to manage your teamplay and tactics, I’m not gonna state wich heroes to choose because I haven’t played them all yet, but when I will do I will surely tell you guys about it.

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