Paladin Retribution

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Playing as a Paladin in World of Warcraft was one of the most awesome experiences I had in the gaming field, being able to choose between Protection, Retribution and Holy specialization makes this class a very flexible and versatile one, when you get bored of tanking dungeons for experience you hop up in Retribution mode and deal heavy melee damage with your two-handed weapon or choose the Holy specialization to heal your wounded allies.

Because you can play all three roles with your paladin Holy, Retribution and Protection makes the paladin a very fun class to play, I prefer tanking in dungeons while I level fast due to dungeon finder.

But when I get bored of tanking I also like to respec my specialization to Retribution ( I rarely play as a Holy paladin), dealing damage in dungeons with diverse and mobile spells while the tank takes care of the aggro is more fun than actual tanking to me, but the downfall is that if you roll Retribution and queue for dungeon finder you will wait a long time until LFG system find you a team.

At max level with a Paladin I prefer to always play Retribution for raid encounters and killing bosses for loot and while I am in Protection mode I always choose the loot specialization to drop me Retribution items to improve my damage gear instead of actual tanking gear which is my current specialization, I do this while leveling too.

As a talent build for retribution I use this one :

  • Zeal
  • Blade of Wrath
  • Fist of Justice
  • Divine Judgement
  • Cavalier
  • Justicar’s Vengeance
  • Divine Purpose

I put my talents in this build as I level up until I reach the maximum level of the game until the last talent is spent. I also think to myself that this is a very good PvP build also ( I rarely play PvP in WoW but when I do we pwn) but I never change my talents just for the sake of doing battlegrounds, I always make my final build of some sort of a combination of PvP spec and PvE just in case I encounter enemies in the free world, if you have the War Mode activated.

As Paladin gear, I always tend to wear mastery armor on me. I do this with Hunters, Paladins, and Warlocks, I think armor that gives mastery is very important because it improves your overall holy damage done.

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