Questing VS Dungeons

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Considering Blizzard always adds new content to World of Warcraft I came up to this fact, or maybe a question I ask myself and you guys, which is better: Questing or Dungeons?

I used to quest a lot in Vanilla when I first started WoW it was the only thing you could do and finding a group was pretty hard and time-consuming so I roamed around the map trying to kill monsters and gather all kinds of materials to complete all the given quests in the area, the more quests you had the more level you gained, so doing quests was very entertaining for me back then, but all of a sudden Dungeon finder popped up in Wrath of the Lich King expansion, so until Wrath of the Lich King you had to gather players without a queue and where you found them, was the Looking For Group chat.

Completing quests is very fun especially if they are very imaginative like gathering a vial from a Murloc in the Tirisfal Glades ( If you’re playing as undead), but quests like killing an elite monster give a better experience reward then just gathering vials for a while. I wish Blizzard invented quests like discovering new locations on the map or discovering new zones, if you think about it you get experience from discovering a zone like the Bulwark in Tirisfal Glades, so if they could make quests in discovering new unknown zones on the map, I think it would be very challenging especially if you’re doing them without a flying mount. 😀

The dungeon finder that first came up in patch 3.3.0 in Wrath of the Lich King Icecrown Citadel has a lot of downfalls, when you queue as DPS in the level range of 20-60 you usually get in pretty fast, but 60+ if you try to queue as DPS it’s hell on earth of a wait time. I got sick of the LFG system naming more specific “The dungeon finder” because I had to always play tank ( because I hate healing and I think it’s boring, I always play tank or DPS in dungeons and raids). So I had to tank all my way from 20 to 120 that is all the fun I had.

Take for example the leveling of a paladin, if you queue random dungeon as a tank you get almost instantly in but if you queue as DPS Retribution you can go make a coffee or smoke a cigarette or go to the toilet and when you come back to your PC the dungeon party is still not ready to enter the dungeon. Why?

Because it’s broken because too many people play DPS because we need more tanks because we need a hell of a lot more healers and nobody likes playing them as much as DPS. Of course you could say there is only one tank, one healer and 3 DPS, but even so the time it takes to enter the dungeon as DPS let’s say at level 100 is in the range of 20 to 30 minutes and I’m not exaggerating. I had a break from WoW because of the dungeon queue times, and right now I’m writing from experience but we all know the real dungeon queue times, I didn’t leave because it requires money to play I left because I got bored of waiting for my party to enter the dungeon ( raid queue’s last less than dungeons including heroic).

I played WoW only for dungeons when the LFG system popped up, and dungeons and raiding was my main occupation in WoW. You could say why not try professions or try to do achievements, or battlegrounds, arena, PVP, the game has to offer so many experiences why resolute yourself to dungeon finder playing in the LFG system for normal and heroic dungeons? And I’m going to tell you why, because I prefer doing dungeons, I love the dungeon quests, I love the fact that I can get high-level items and experience at the same time, I love it because I think dungeons are better than questing, because I can show my awesome damage-dealing abilities to the whole party, I love it because it’s a team game, not a solo game (as questing can feel very lonely sometimes if you’re not doing it with someone).

So yeah my main conclusion is I got to know all the dungeons from every expansion and I loved them all, I love it how we all gather up to defeat a boss and no matter what it drops you get the cool experience boost at the end of the dungeon. Dungeons may be even faster as questing, I don’t know because I didn’t take my time to compare questing with dungeons in the game, I quit questing in Wotlk rolled for dungeon finder instantly, I loved dungeons even when there was no LFG system and it was still a chat. Maby I should play Dungeon Siege, who knows?

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