The Nexus Dungeon WooCommerce

As I spoke in a previous post about the dungeon finder what do I want to talk about now is a more specific dungeon from Wrath of the Lich King expansion in World of Warcraft, I bet all leveling players know this while you are farming dungeons with dungeon finder it’s impossible not to encounter this dungeon several times.

Why I want to talk about this dungeon so much is about the content that Blizzard Entertainment created for us and I think it’s a very inspiring dungeon after all. After you finish it you will notice that you do a circle around the whole dungeon map in search of the bosses you have to kill it just feels like a journey from boss to boss. Considering the reduction or improvement of each expansion’s dungeon minions health bars and damage dealing which makes it easier to farm level in dungeons people farm dungeons because it is faster than questing and in my opinion it’s better than questing because I consider WoW a multiplayer game and I think leveling is less boring done with some friends or a group rather than soloing quests, you can do quests in a group too but you have to check on each of the party members progression before you go for another quest.

What do I like most about The Nexus is that it feels like a dragon king’s instance, for example, the last boss you have to defeat in it is Keristasza.To enable this last boss to fight you you have to use an orb to defrost the dragon so you may kill it, some tactics about it are that you have to constantly move because the boss releases an aura of frost which deals high damage to you over time if you sit in one place, I think this is a nice technique to just make all the party members jump around and move in all directions to avoid affliction.

Another boss is Ormorok the Tree-Shaper this guy just looks like a big pile of living rock you find this guy in a corner of the instance just being there waiting for you to finish him, let’s face it blizzard just makes instances nowadays for farm, not for the hard experience of really thinking through your tactics before you defeat a boss.

What would be like if every dungeon in World of Warcraft no matter the difficulty or level would be like today’s max-level mythic dungeons making you be very tactical oriented and search for ways to defeat a boss because it would be a boss in the real sense of the word, not just a bigger minion. If Blizzard made bosses harder to defeat leveling with dungeon finder would be way much fun rather than questing. Presently it is some bosses of some dungeons are hard to defeat but in Vanilla. 🙂

Making bosses harder to kill in previous expansion dungeons won’t mean you will level hard you would just have to think tactical to defeat your boss this meaning you would have to earn your loot and experience not just get boosted, but we have heirlooms and that makes leveling with dungeon finder so much easier. I have almost all the heirlooms with that bonus experience gain and it’s fine for me, I’m not anti-heirlooms but it’s very easy to finish a dungeon and it feels so boring being this easy if you would make it harder you would have to think your way into winning not just mindless farming and pressing buttons with a beer in your hand. In some dungeons I really had to think to finish the bosses like in The Burning Crusade Expansion there was a raid instance called Sunwell Plateau I’ve done that a few times and it one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a raid. I’m not going to get too much into Sunwell Plateau right now because the main reason I’m writing this is to tell you that while in queue for dungeon finder The Nexus pops up about 70% of the time.

The first four bosses of the dungeon are just so easy to kill even in the WOTLK expansion that I don’t have to mention anything about them because it would be boring, you don’t need some tactical oriented game style to defeat them they just die in a minute and it’s easy like clicking 3 buttons. WooCommerce

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