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As I resubmitted my subscription to World of Warcraft I’ve noticed some adjustments in the game, I’ve seen that you can play Vanilla free if you have a subscription which should be obvious because you already have the vanilla game, I personally have Battle for Azeroth expansion pack which includes the first game. I’m glad that Blizzard introduced something free in the game because usually except for patches nothing is free in World of Warcraft. Not even gold, you can buy and sell gold for real money just look on the trade chat you will find that many people do this, I personally don’t do this gold farming for me is a waste of time and I don’t have time to waste with these kind of things.

My shaman in Shattrah City

I started off with my level 115 Shaman I have a previous post about it I wanted to get max level and do all the raids while I still got time this expansion, who knows what blizzard will bring next. We can expect anything from blizzard entertainment nowadays anything to get the people playing. Everybody bragged about how fun Vanilla was and now when it is released the realms are full and have a lot of queue time to do until entering the world. I personally can’t wait to see the original game I will write about Vanilla soon enough while I level my character up to 60. But for now, I’m going to stick to BFA and get my shaman up and running to do some high-level raids.

I always appreciated new content I even liked more new content than the same old thing, if it’s not new how will you adapt to something you already are adapted to, when a new expansion is released you will see a lot of new stuff going on there but when you release an older version of the game it’s a big surprise and I think WoW fans love it. I’m a big fan of new and higher level expansion even with the damage and stats reduction of the players and NPCs getting new more awesome looking gear always makes me wanna play the game, but I won’t speak my truth until I play Vanilla, I will take my time with the game time I have, there is no reason to hurry about it I’m not going anywhere :D. I have a max level warrior also but as I love leveling so much and have a lot of other characters you know I’m going to try them all eventually.

My Fury Warrior in Orgrimmar

I’ve been farming a lot with this warrior when BFA popped up and now I know I’m ready to do it again if not with Nakhrul I’m gonna do it with a fresh warrior and I’m still gonna pwn in battlegrounds with my arms specialization. This just sounds like too much fun, if you have the time for it you can do anything in this game. Next, I’m going to share some beautiful music I found on this internet of ours, enjoy.

World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card – PC/Mac WooCommerce

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