Arms Warrior

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Arms Warriors are experts in inflicting single target damage, they are not that good in dealing area of effect damage although they have two abilities for that, one is Sweeping Strikes the other is Bladestorm. Arms warriors are experts in a PvP environment being capable of finishing an enemy faster than fury warriors could. The arms specialization focuses on dealing as much damage possible to one single target at a time while fury warriors specialize in dealing damage to the enemies around them as well.

If you’re thinking what talent tree I use for arms warrior I will leave this screenshot here so you can see. And I’m going to explain each selected talent:

Arms Warrior talent build

Sudden Death is the best first option here because it allows you to cast execute randomly while fighting your opponent, I don’t know what is the chance for execute to hit free of charge but it has a cooldown and it procs very often which is very useful in 1v1 fights, Execute is a finishing ability that makes warriors deal a significant damage to low health point players or NPCs.

I use the Double Time talent to charge twice, for example, if I’m fighting a mage and he blinks away I have a second charge available to catch him.

Massacre talent improves your execute making it available when heroes have less than 35% health points left rather than 20% health points left.

I use Second Wind talent to restore my health points in battlegrounds when I am out of combat, it works great for me.

Warbreaker talent replaces Colossus Smash making it deal damage to your main target and the targets around him making it from a single target ability to an area damaging spell.

In for the Kill just gives you haste when the enemy player has less than 20% health points.

Dreadnaught gives you an additional charge of overpower and improves your Mortal Strike.

These are the talents I use for arms warriors in Battle for Azeroth, I’m not saying they are perfect but they suit me well. What do I like more about arms warriors than fury warriors? Arms specialization is more for PvP rather than PvE. Just because dealing more damage to one single target is more effecting than hitting all nearby enemies with Whirlwind which obviously deals a lot less damage than Overpower for example.

When you use multiple target spells you deal a lot less damage than if you use single-target ones, when you focus on one thing it will be highly probable that you do that better rather than do many things in a wrong way.

So this is what Arms Warriors are all about, focus on one target, finish him quick then go to the next, best warrior specialization for PvP environment.

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