Tailoring and Enchanting

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These two Professions in World of Warcraft are the most common found on cloth wearing classes like Mages , Priests, and Warlocks. The way I found how to combine them just makes it more profitable in the game because if you use these kinds of combinations between professions that depend on one another you can get a lot of gold.

The way I use Tailoring and enchanting is, farm cloth drops like linen cloth, wool cloth, etc and if I don’t have enough just buy these materials from the auction house, make as many green or blue or even epic items as you can with tailoring and disenchant them with enchanting so you can gather materials for the enchanting skill, you can also buy material from the auction house if you don’t have enough of them, tailoring and enchanting professions complement themselves.

I use tailoring items to get myself free materials for enchanting and if I have a gap of materials I just buy them from the auction house. After I get a sufficiently high enough skill in these professions I start selling in them in the auction house like bags from tailoring and enchanting vellums from my enchanting profession.

The higher the skill of the profession the more gold I get from selling wanted items in the auction house. You can make a combination of tailoring with inscription this combination can get you even more gold because you don’t have to disenchant your tailoring green items for materials you just sell them in the auction house ( at a reasonable price of course) if you put the price too high you might get them back because nobody bought them but you can resell at a lower price you just got to check the market first for how much does the specific item sells in the auction house.

Tailoring and inscription is another combination I have not tried yet so I can’t tell you very much about it but I think it’s a good idea to start with professions early in the game, you never know how rich you can get and maybe pay for your world of warcraft subscription with in-game gold funds.

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