Affliction Warlock

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Affliction Warlocks are all about damage over time spells. You may know them as ” DOTS” Damage over time spell. Their primary status is intellect so stack as much intellect as you can on an affliction warlock after that it comes Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility, and Haste. I think versatility is more important than haste and I put haste on the last place because haste just improves your attack speed and your casting speed, it does not improve your DOTS duration on the target making the damage over time effect consume faster dealing the same damage. and Because Versatility improves your damage and healing done, and decreases your damage received by a small percentage according to your status.As of spells, your Curse of Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life and Unstable Affliction are your main DOTS and you should use them on every enemy.

As an affliction warlock, you have a lot of DOTS, my affliction build looks something like this :

affliction warlock talents

I chose Phantom Singularity instead of Sow the Seeds because it’s an extra damage ability and it has healed, it is also an area of effect damage spell, therefore, I think it is more useful than Seed of Corruption, the only downfall of Phantom Singularity is his cooldown, 45 seconds.

The problem with affliction warlocks is that they don’t have enough area of effect damage spells, in order to DPS effectively you have to target every enemy and cast damage over time effects on all the monsters or players if you want to do some viable damage, focusing one target isn’t enough in my opinion, focusing as many targets as possible will result in the highest damage output there is out there, too bad affliction warlocks have very few AOE damage-dealing abilities, I think affliction is more for PvP than PvE it has a very high survivability and it gives you extra armor and health points with PvP talents. You can use affliction for PvP very efficiently you are almost like the warrior tank for casters in battlegrounds with all those life-stealing spells you are very hard to kill.

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