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Death Knights are the soldiers of Arthas, made firstly by the scourge they were bound to serve their creator The Lich King back in Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack.

With the battle at Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands, the tables have turned on Arthas him losing the fight because it was fought on holy ground, therefore, Death Knights became a class playable in the Alliance and Horde factions in the game. You can play a death knight and you start at level 55, being scourge until 58 after that you are placed in your selected faction’s territory.

The scourge quests are not that hard at the beginning you serve The Lich King until you are defeated at the chapel after than you join Horde or Alliance whatever did you chose to play. I want to talk about one particular specialization that caught my eye on death knights it’s about Unholy. I use blood specialization to tank while leveling , at higher level I only do damage I don’t tank because it becomes harder and I have to gather items for maximum level to do heroic dungeons and battlegrounds and I need DPS armor not tanking armor and I know I can choose at loot options which specialization to drop but at 110+ I quit tanking and level as DPS.

Unholy specialization gives you a pet, this is an advantage, with that pet you can do a lot of stuff you can improve your pet with some talents and glyphs, whatever you do make sure you improve your pet it’s an awesome zombie you have at your melee disposal. I like the fact that I use a two-handed weapon with the unholy specialization, it differs from frost where you have to dual-wield one-handed weapons, frost specialization is the specialization where haste and critical strike make 50% of your damage, the more haste you have the faster you hit with everything and trust me you just look like a frozen berserker when you play frost.

I like unholy for all the minions you have like Army of the Dead and your forever following ghoul, which you transform into a monstrosity for 15 seconds when you want. It’s just my favorite specialization from them all I used to play frost in the past but I’m over it I’m going Unholy all the way, leveling, PvP, and everything just doing some warrior stuff with a death knight (2 classes in 1), and by the way, did I mention healing with Death Strike (minimum 10% of your maximum health points) on your each strike which is great if you have 35 runic power for it to use it.

Death knights are just self-healing warriors, they can also go berserk with frost dealing tons of damage but I prefer a more imposable attitude with unholy feeling like an arms warrior rather than a fury one(if I had to compare the two classes I’d opt for 70% efficiency Death Knight 30% warrior) Death Knights have a lot of additional spells from warriors, death knights have pets, death knights can resurrect you if you die they have anti-magic shields, Death Grip which brings the enemy to you and a lot of diseases to tear down enemy hit point bars.

If you don’t know what to choose between a death knight and a warrior, read this post and you will decide faster than you’ve expected.

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