Kai’sa Gameplay

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I wanted to make a post about Kai’sa so bad and tell you guys how I managed to survive team-fights and stuff and to counter tanks, assassins and other melee fighters with the incredible League of Legends champion Kai’sa for which I made some custom runes I would like to show you guys.

My rune build is this one, I will show you a screenshot of my actual rune page I named it Hybrid because it’s focused more on lifesteal and attack speed which performed best in my normal game mode matches.

Lifesteal rune page

I start with Kai’sa with the 500 gold bottle which has 3 fills, after that, I get Berseker’s Greaves and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Nashor’s Tooth and Manamune , Wit’s End and Death’s Dance ( I get the last one after I sell my bottle to make space in the slots)

The playstyle is very simple, even if it may seem hard at the beginning if you have these runes and the bottle it will be easy-cheesy to survive until you get some real items and start getting some kills. If you have your ultimate at level 6 you can use your W ability from a long-range to hit an enemy champion and use your ultimate to catch up with him, you don’t even have to engage with Kai’sa you just teleport next to them with this combo, or when an ally stuns or up-roots them if they are in ultimate range you can immediately charge them only if they are impaired by a team-mate.

Be careful with your E ability not to spam your spells, when E is channeling you can’t attack so it’s useful only when you are not in range of enemy champions or you just try to escape. Have fun with her, she’s worth a shot I enjoyed the hybrid game style I just made so, I have to tell you guys in gold/silver ranked works, dunno higher than this, I try to play as many games as possible so I don’t really have the time to be an expert in one, I’m just going to be a well informed casual I guess.

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