Leveling Battle for Azeroth

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While I level my shaman through dungeon finder in Battle for Azeroth content I start to notice something peculiar differencing questing to dungeons until level 120, questing from 110 to 120 takes a lot more time to do than actually waiting for the dungeon finder to find you a group, let’s say your a paladin, for example, you can queue for all the three roles you have available: tank, healer and DPS. Although you get very short queue times if you queue as a tank or a healer, I’m strictly referring to DPS waiting time. I play on the realm Kazzak horde, this is where I have my most characters I very rarely play as Alliance I only have a blizzard-boosted character of 110-night elf hunter which I don’t even play I don’t know why I boosted my Alliance character because I don’t even like playing Alliance, I don’t know where everything is out there in Stormwind, if I’d play more Alliance I’d be a bigger noob than I am today, so no thanks Alliance maybe some other time I will make something of that hunter I got there.

As I wait for dungeon finder to pop up I have time to write this article it usually takes about 20 to 25 minutes to find a group, therefore, I have sufficient time to write as I please. Leveling my shaman is not hard it just takes a lot of time, I prefer dungeons to get high on level because of the better items drops at each boss, random dungeon items are better than quest givers can reward you if you level by questing until 120 from 110 you can say you leveled faster than most people let’s say you are extremely skilled for example and are a hardcore player and you level by quests until 120 what will you do when you reach 120, you will have to do raiding or pvp or professions or something, all the things you would do while leveling until 120 you can do after you reach 120, but there is a clear disatvantage, I didn’t try questing that much and therefore I don’t know very much about all the quests in Zuldazar, I like dungeons it just feels like I am doing two things at once way better than questing, some of you would prefer quests more than dungeons, it’s fine by me but when you reach that maximum level you will do all the things you could do while leveling but you quested instead of doing that. That’s the difference between them, questing also takes a lot of time and practice and I know it’s a story behind every quest like you could play the game just to do quests it’s ok.

I want to experience as many classes as possible and get them to the maximum level to try them all and decide with which I’m going to continue, that is why I try a lot of stuff in the game to see what works and what doesn’t.

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