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So I just decided to roll a new death knight, I already have one which is 114 but he’s a blood elf, and now I want one undead. I think undead racial passives are better in PvP than Blood Elf ones and I’m making this one strictly for PVP. I don’t know anyway If I will withstand the power of the enemy when I reach 120 with low ilvl items, I will do some PvE to get some essential gear and after that, I’m going strictly on PvP with him. I got fascinated with arenas lately I like how they roll.

I think you can get better PvP gear as you win arenas and battlegrounds but I’m doing this to also prove to my battlegroup that horde does not suck in PvP horde is just undergeared. I think that with the right gear any faction can win an arena or a battleground match.

I don’t know much about PvP either, I played the same undead death knight when Wrath of the Lich King expansion was the latest and I also played PVP with her ( she’s a female character ) on Kazzak realm, but horde losses very often in PvP on my battlegroup and I think we have to do something about this.

I don’t think the alliance is overpowered for racial passives they just have better gear than the majority, and maybe any normal new player will roll alliance because why play with some monsters? ( that logic). So my new goal is to get PvP gear on my fresh DK but it will take some time to play anyway it will be done until the Shadowlands expansion release.

I’m really curious about the new expansion coming up, new content and stuff, Blizzard will make things interesting again.

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