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How do you like warriors, fury or arms? I love the most the overpower ability, it just makes me feel like the enemy is slammed to the ground like some kind of dunk freestyle, the warrior class has the Slam ability which slams brutally the enemy opponent easily defeating him. The slam ability can be cast how many times you want to secure the kill.

The overpower ability to mee feels like dodging an attack and after then you viciously disarm him and slice his body with your weapon. I know it’s harsh but it seems this way WoW is pretty violent of course this kind of thing doesn’t show but if they do the show than would be a macabre scene to see. Anyway, to be more precise with overpowering you should disarm the enemy and counter-attack him, it’s easy but the disarm spell does no longer exists in the game, so you can’t take his weapon unless you are a rogue or something. It’s a counter-attack anyway and a very efficient one you can use it two times if improved by talent.

It is very good for melee opponents you have massive damage compared to them. Mortal strike hits even harder than overpower but it does not sound that good, overpower is more tricky than mortal strike even if mortal strike is better at the damage output. The other warrior spells are very good like Rend and such improved by talents you have the double charge in case you see an enemy and risk an attack you are prepared to charge him anytime within range. Hamstring slows the opponent movement speed down so you can melee him easily, and execute deliver the final blows but it has a cooldown, you can say it’s a very violent game but it isn’t it’s just a game for your time the thing with warriors is that if you have them well-equipped they are very strong and powerful the best players in the games at PVP are warriors which are the most efficient of them all they can even beat paladins if they move fast enough the advantage of the paladin is his shield if he is disarmed of that he is helpless. This is just a concept when I play warrior I just feel like a brute and like to transform in this new being ruthless lol. That’s why I like PvP. “It’s just a game” When I play I get all too emotional about it and act like I am living the game :)). I have to mention that this is strictly fictional and it is how I see warriors sometimes. I don’t want to be too hardcore with the description but WoW is quite explicit sometimes. It’s just a fantasy game but video-quality could be improved appearing more humanly possible and more realistic but this will lead to a need for higher performance computers if the visual content of the game will improve over time. I like WoW not because it’s violent as some may say but because it counter-attacks violence making you release your frustration in the virtual world by simulation a virtual fight where no one gets hurt. So this explains why video games do not make us violent in real life but real-life situations make us violent in real life, what we do in the game is just a simulation, we play games not to be violent but to release our anger in something fictional that does not hurt anybody. Kids and teenagers play this game to release they’re frustrated and not become angry even if they lose a fight in a PvP world. This is why most of the young play this kind of game because somehow with all the energy that they have they can use it wisely and for no harm. No one gets hurt while playing WoW just like playing WoW teaches you to make the difference between the virtual world and the real one making you release your negativity in the game and not on your fellow brethren. In WoW we fight, but in real life we are friends, that’s how the game goes. Even the alliance made partnerships with the horde so anything is possible.

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This two songs I enjoy listening to while playing

I know it’s about the eyes but they just keep me going on and on xD

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