Greymane Gameplay

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I made this video of Greymane, a pretty awesome and easy hero to play.
The game went smooth with no problems we secured the win pretty easy I think there were no leavers on both sides which is good, bots are pretty random in Hots. The talent tree was also random I just improved my Worgen basic attacks all the way to go and it went smooth while I was in wolf form, when I tried to escape I just shapeshifted out of wolf form and into human form and it was pretty easy all you have to do it just cast the E ability. After dodging several attacks I managed to get some good XP for the team while I was hunting them, I didn’t focus on gathering gems I just wanted to get the scores up and nice. They had a resistance but got some weak heroes like Thrall and Zerathul which I could easily defeat even 2v1 If I was overwhelmed I just shapeshifted out of there. And they didn’t even destroyed our front towers even with the Spider Queen we had a really good push out there so it was no problem at all.

I can’t say much about the talents tho I just go by instinct I’m not programmed to be with a specific talent tree I just adapt to whatever heroes are playing changing all the time, that’s where I get my success from. Most of the guys who play the same talents over and over again just get overwhelmed by the better adaption ones for example if you have to look at what heroes you are finding and the basics are to counter them.

You should put your talents in something more useful like if you battle Kael’thas which has a fireball you should get some ice block or something to counter that fireball. Think in terms of how to overpower your enemies’ abilities like in counter and in getting the better choice of talents. It could be reasonable like If I played Zeratul I would get stuff that would improve mobility and stealth and attack damage, but you have to know what heroes are your opponents playing so you could counter them now I could only assume what the enemy hero might be but there could be a lot of combinations like Arthas vs Malthael or something like that, it just comes down to the talents on who wins not the actual hero.

Thumbs up.

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