Paladins and Arthas

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The paladin class is one is a very imputable class indeed they claim themselves fighter for light this meaning warriors of light and the fact that is true is that they really are, they play with holy spells and Judgement to enemies and have very powerful blows indeed that is why they are the keepers of light.

They can heal themselves, tank and do damage all 3 roles they can do in dungeons raids or battlegrounds, this is the perfect class if you want to play something really pure and holy in appearence like a fighter for justice this meaning.

In this World of Warcraft game with visual and virtual spells you can choose many different types of gamestyle tactics indeed. Holy paladins can deal a significant amount of healing, thus even saving someone from dying and rescuing the tank from death injury. They are just like doctors or some sort of witch doctors from diablo or shamans.

The healing isn’t green it’s yellow because of the holy light they serve and protect the light this is why Arthas lost the battle from Light of Dawn.

The paladins won because they were on holy ground and that’s about it, Arthas had no power there and he knew it, those were the light’s ancestors right there and couldn’t fight them all.

Just imagine if all the ghosts from the Light’s Dawn would just ressurect imagine what numbers do that battle would have. It’s amazing how it can be the odds, even the ground could not be dessecrated.

So the force of the paladins defetead arthas right there and they got a new ally, the death knights of the ebon blade, so thus far Arthas lost the fight and lost even the death knights but not for good.

In their spirit the death knights still remain with Arthas but this created an alliance between the paladins and the Death Knights so this meaning Arthas was not that bad indeed, he just made some sort of pact with the paladins to survive, although arthas was defeated after all because of his mischieving deeds his followers the scourge and the death knights did not die.

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